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ThirdEye - frequently asked question around ThirdEye dental cameras

Here we will answer your (email) questions, so that other dentists can learn about ThirdEye dental cameras, too.

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camera system for documentation and video transmission

question: We need the camera for documentation and in the short future for video transmission but I don't know much about transmission.Do I need some other stuff exceptthe camera and a tv screen? The office were it will be installed is at the 1st floor of the building and the presentation room it is at the 2nd floor and the distance it is about 30 m. We have internal network with plugs and Wi-Fi I don't know if that helps.


for video documentation you do not need anything else than a preview monitor with HDMI (ThirdEye-UNI) or component (ThirdEye-HD) input (connected directly to the camera´s hdmi or component out). If you want to playback the recorded videos or photos immediatedly (e.g. to show them to your patients), we recommend using Avermedia Game Capture HD2 (about € 200 including internal 120 GB SSD hard disk)  which is a full-HD video recorder with immediate playback function  and with remote control. The camera will be connected to the Avermedia and the Avermedia will be connected to your monitor). If you want to present live video transmissions to your seminar room (30m away) you would additionally need an HDMI splitter (about € 70), which will split the hdmi input signal in two output signals (one for preview monitor in surgery room and the second for the tv screen or video projector in the seminar room). Because HDMI cables cannot be longer than 15m you also would need a HDMI to CAT5/6/7 converter, which  converts the HDMI signal into a network signal (CAT5/6/7) and reconverts the network signal into an HDMI signal in your seminar room (both HDMI to CAT and CAT to HDMI converters cost about € 125, for distances of about 50 meters).
The CAT5/6/7 converters need a peer to peer network cable connection (the higher the better, e.g. CAT 6 or CAT 7, for 30m CAT 5 will do it, too)


camera technique



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partial payment


Would you accept partial payment then will fully pay when and if I am happy with the camera ?
No, we do not accept partial payment, but we will fully refund the camera price (minus shipping costs), if you are not satisfied with our products. Please let us know that you want to return the camera within one month !