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ThirdEye dental cameras our competitors


Most of our competitors are using the same camera modules as we do.
So all cameras are displaying the same image quality.

Big advantage of ThirdEye-HD:

ThirdEye dental cameras are only camera, that can be easily moved from one room to another !


And please compare prices !


Here we will establish a chart with all technical data of our competitors.

About their prices we will show a link to their or their dealer´s websites.


InVisionCam (same camera modul as ThirdEye-HD)

(no-where technical specs to be found; obviously regular PAL/NTSC video, since recordable to DVD recorder)

KLS Martin
(Surgicam HD has same camera modul as ThirdEye-HD)

Dr. Mach
(same camera modul as ThirdEye-HD)


to be continued...


Another word about prices, quality and capabilities of our cameras:

We are often asked why our cameras are so reasonable priced compared to other products (e.g. MagnaVu, InVisionCam, Dr. Mach, SurgiCam etc.). People think that our products are inferior compared to those very expensive dental cameras. Definitively they are not ! We all use the same hardware (camera modules) inside our camera housings (please compare technical specs).

And our cameras have another big advantage to all other dental cameras: You can use one camera in different rooms or even take it to a seminar in another city or abroad as many lecturers already do (see installation).

Why our cameras are cheaper than all the others ? We just believe in fair prices !