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ThirdEye dental cameras our dental camera on your dental light

adec xs       Faro xs       Fimet xs       GComm xs

     Belmont xs   Dr. Mach xs   Kavo xs   Sirona xs


other dental lights



  adec xs





ThirdEye-HD on adec LED dental light



Faro xs  

ThirdEye-HD on Faro LED  310  Athen_1_xs  Leuchte_Faro_Alay_LED_sm

 ThirdEye-HD on Faro Alya LED

  ThirdEye-HD on Faro Alya LED

 ThirdEye-Photo on Faro Alya LED


Fimet xs    
 ThirdEye-HD on FIMET Vision 310    

ThirdEye-HD on FIMET Vision



 GComm xs    

 ThirdEye-HD on GComm LED




Belmont xs    

 ThirdEye Video on Belmont halogen 310


 ThirdEye-Video on Belmont halogene

 ThirdEye-HD on Belmont 920 LED



Dr. Mach xs    
Dr.Mach_ThirdEye-HD_xs Dr.Mach LED130 ThirdEye-HD 310  

ThirdEye-HD on older Dr. Mach surgical light

 ThirdEye-HD on Dr. Mach 130 LED




Kavo xs

ThirdEye HD on Kavo 310  ThirdEye HD on KaVo LED 310  

 ThirdEye-HD on KaVo halogene light

 ThirdEye-HD on KaVo LED light




Sirona xs

Sirona-LED_ThirdEye-HD_xs Leuchte_SironaC4_sm  ThirdEye HD on Sirona LED Adapter 310

ThirdEye-HD on Sirona LED

 ThirdEye-Video on Sirona C4 (w. adapter)

ThirdEye-HD on Sirona LED light (w.adapter)

ThirdEye-Photo on Sirona C4 310 Sirona-C4_ThirdEye-HD_1_xs  ThirdEye UNI on Sirona LED 310

ThirdEye-Photo on Sirona C4 (w. adapter)

ThirdEye-HD on Sirona C4 (w. adapter)

 ThirdEye-UNI on Sirona LED light



ThirdEye on other dental lights





ThirdEye-Video on old Hanau surgical light

ThirdEye-HD on Planetario 5 dental light
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