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ThirdEye dental cameras dental cameras - our camera on your dental light !

full-HD video (uncompressed)
10fold optical zoom & auto focus
remote control for

18 megapixel photo & full-HD video
10fold optical zoom & auto focus
controlled by Android/IOS devices

16 megapixel photo & full-HD video
manual focus & manual zoom
remote control, built-in microphone




ThirdEye-HD 310

ThirdEye-EVO xs

ThirdEye-UNI xs

camera set € 3.680,00

camera set € 1.980,00

camera set € 1.780,00

 please ask for special prices for dental opinion leaders, lecturers, dental institutes and universities

*all prices are for complete camera sets (camera, mount, cable, power supply), please add UPS/DHL shipment and 19% VAT within EU

all our cameras are easy to install, but if you want us to install your camera, we can do it, too. (within EU only)




ThirdEye-HD on Kavo 310

ThirdEye-EVO on Planetario2 320

ThirdEye-UNI 310x233 small

  • full-hd video resolution

    (1.920x1080i pixels)

  • auto focus

  • 10x optical zoom

  • zoom remote control

  • highest magnification

  • our best-selling dental camera

 mountable on most dental lights
(weight: 230 grams)

Used by many universities and
dental opionon leaders worldwide.

  • 18 megapixel photos

  • full-hd videos (1.920x1.080i pixels)

  • auto focus

  • 10x optical zoom

  • wireless (battery operation)

  • remote controlled by
    Android tablet/phone or IPad/IPhone

mountable on most dental lights
(weight: 230 grams)

Why using all those time consuming and inconvenient DSLR cameras to shoot hires intraoral photos ?

  • 16 megapixel photos

  • full-hd videos (1.920x1.080 pixels)

  • manual focus

  • built-in microphone

  • record videos/photos on SD card

  • HDMI-out/power-in cable (white)

  • wide depth-of-focus (4-7cm)

  • remote control

 mountable to any dental light
(weight: 170 grams)

  Perfect videos & photos at one "click"

 Cerec 2012 Live 2 xs  ThirdEye-Photo OK 310 xs  ThirdEye-UNI 320

 The perfect gear for

  • live transmissions on large screens

  • ambitious surgeons and lecturers !

  • universities and dental clinics

  • up to 30fold magnification


The perfect camera for

  • rapid photo documentation

  • full-HD recordings on SD card

  • patient education with tablet

  • communication with external labs

 The new universal camera for 

  • everyday dentistry!

  • video/photo/audio documentation
       patient education, prophylaxis
       forensic documentation
    communication with dental lab...

  • full-HD live video transmissions

learn more about this camera   

learn more about this camera

learn more about this camera 

 hd implant insertion  ThirdEye-evo wide 13mp xs

ThirdEye-UNI 320 test video

original resolution 1.980x1.080i 135Mbit/sec (uncompressed full-HD)

YouTube resolution 1.280x720p 4Mbit/sec (strongly compressed MP4 HD)

original resolution 1.980x1.080p 135Mbit/sec (MP4 full-HD)

YouTube resolution 1.980x1.080p 8Mbit/sec (strongly compressed MP4 HD)

ThirdEye Installation

How easy it is to install our cameras !


 Convert your dental light into a multi-media tool  !


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