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A ThirdEye dental camera mounted on your dental light !

ThirdEye cameras can be mounted on any dental light or surgical light. Uusing your dental light as a perfect ring light.

All teeth or gums, spotlighted by your dental light automatically are "seen" by your ThirdEye. Intraoral details and

full dental/surgical procedures can be filmed or photographed instantly or live transmitted to an external audience.

And the dentist or the surgeon always will have both hands free. No need to touch the camera!


What the idea behind our ThirdEye dental cameras, how to installing a ThirdEye dental camera (6 minute video) and
how ThirdEye dental cameras can ease your everyday dental routine, you can learn here...


Our products - converting your dental light into a multi-media tool  !


ThirdEye-SDI on dental light title thirdeye sdi

full-HD video (HD-SDI)

10fold optical zoom


freeze frame

built-in microphone

remote control

camera set € 3.480,00




ThirdEye-UNI on dental light
title thirdeye uni
16 megapixel photo

full-HD video

manual focus & manual "zoom"

built-in microphone

remote control


camera set € 1.780,00 (not available anymore, only spare parts!)





regarding prices, please ask for special prices for dental opinion leaders, lecturers, dental institutes and universities


*all prices are for complete camera sets (camera, mount, cable, power supply), please add UPS/DHL shipment and 19% VAT within EU

all our cameras are easy to install, but if you want us to install your camera, we can do it, too. (within EU only)


 More details and applications of our ThirdEye dental cameras.


title thirdeye sdi 
learn more about this *camera


* Since IDS 2019 ThirdEye-SDI (now fully digital) follows our best selling ThirdEye-HD,
   Both cameras are used by many universities, dental opinion leaders and dentists worldwide.


thirdeye-hd hd at cerec congress

  • full-hd video resolution

    (1.920x1080p pixels)

  • auto focus

  • 10x optical + 12x digital zoom

  • freeze frame

  • remote control

  • highest magnification

  • manual white balance

  • mountable on most dental lights
    (weight: 265 grams)

The perfect gear for...

  • live transmissions on large screens

  • ambitious surgeons and lecturers !

  • universities and dental clinics

  • up to 120fold magnification (10fold optical zoom + 12fold digital zoom)




look here for a colleague of yours or a dealer using/selling our cameras already

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