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  our international customers


Due to new data protection regulations in the EU (EU-DSGVO) we have changed our reference list.

You now still can see to which countries and cities we have sold our cameras, but we will not show explicit

names and addresses of our customers anymore. Exceptions: Clinics and Universities and lecturers,

who want us to show their names and adresses.

These below list does not show all our customers (e.g. ThirdEye dental cameras sold by our dealers) !
Also we do not show customers of ThirdEyeVideo and other ThirdEYe dental cameras we do not sell anymore.


If you want to contact any of our customers (your colleagues), please let us know, which city you are living,

so we can ask your colleague nearby, if she/he wants/accepts getting in contact with you. Just ask us.

Addresses of our dealers will always be shown on this reference list.

Please do understand, that we do not know all the customers of our local dealers/agents.






Australia and Oceania




flag austria  Austria

Walding - ThirdEyevideo

Wien/Vienna - ThirdEyeHD

University of Graz - ThirdEyeHD

Feldkirch - ThirdEyeHD

Krems - ThirdEyeSDI since 2021


flag belgium Belgium

Universiteit Gent - ThirdEyeHD

Berlare - ThirdEyeHD

Etalle - ThirdEyeUNI

Deurle - ThirdEyeHD


flag bulgaria  Bulgaria

 Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Dental Commerce Ltd.,
Dr. Stanimir Minchev CEO
blvd. Peshtersko shose 30
Plovdiv 4000


flag croatia Croatia


a-MATIC d.o.o.
Mr. Ante Matić  mobil: 0038-598380641

Prišlinova 27
10090 Zagreb

Osijek - ThirdEyeHD

Rijeka - ThirdEyeHD


flag czech republic  Czech Republic

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

JANDA Dental
Osvoboditelu 1175
44001 Louny, Czech Republic

Hradec - ThirdEyeHD


flag denmark  Denmark

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD and ThirdEyeSDI

Dr. Jens Lætgaard phone +45 40572519
Himmelev Bygade 49
4000 Roskilde


flag great britain  England


Digital Dental Ltd
178 Wigan Road, Westhoughton,
Bolton BL5 2AG England


DP Medical Systems Ltd.
Mr. Paul Cooper Tel.020 8391 4455
15a Oakcroft Road, Chessington
Surrey KT9 1RH
United Kingdom


Alan Cox  phone 07780700975
Accredited Digital Systems Specialist

Harrogate - ThirdEyeHD

Islington, London - ThirdEyeHD

York - ThirdEyeUNI

Bristol - ThirdEyeUNI

Hove, East Sussex - ThirdEyeHD

Bexleyheath - ThirdEyeHD

Southport, PR8 6PY- ThirdEyeSDI since 2021


flag france  France

Montpellier - ThirdEyeHD

Rennes - ThirdEyeHD

La Bassée- ThirdEyeHD

Les Pavillons Sous Bois - ThirdEyeHD

Vincennes - ThirdEyeEVO

73170 Yenne - ThirdEyeHD since 2019


flag greece  Greece

Exclusive Dealer

Digital Future
Kostas Ntourmas
phone +30 210 4976 000
Daidalou str. 12
18454 Athens


flag ireland  Ireland

 Dublin - ThirdEyephoto

Dublin - ThidEyeSDI since 2019


flag italy Italy

Pordenone - ThirdEyeUNI

Caravino,TO -  ThirdEyeHD

Rutigliano, BA - ThirdEyeHD


flag Kosovo  Kosovo

Mitrovica north - ThirdEyeSDI since 2020


flag lithuania  Lithuania

Vilnius - ThirdEyeHD


 flag macedonia  Rep. of Macedonia

Biola - ThirdEyeUNI

Skopje - ThirdEyeUNI

Ohrid - ThirdEyeUNI

 flag monaco  Monaco

 flag netherlands  The Netherlands

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Kevin van Staveren  tel: +31 (0)88 6060800
Kelvinring 5
2952 BG Alblasserdam
The Netherlands

Delft - ThirdEyeHD

 flag northern ireland  Northern-Ireland

Belfast - ThirdEyevideo

Craigavon - ThirdEyeHD


flag norwayN orway

 Oslo - ThirdEyeHD

Haugesund - ThirdEyeSDI since 2019

Oslo - ThirdEyeSDI since 2021


flag poland Poland

Krakow -ThirdEyevideo

Michałowice - ThirdEyeHD

Słubice - ThirdEyeEVO

Warszawa - ThirdEyeHD


Dental Clinic - ThirdEyeSDI since 2019

Dr. n. med. Hubert Kubica
str. Wyzwolenia 37A,
43-300 Bielsko-Biała


flag portugal Portugal

Lisboa - ThirdEyeHD

Porto - ThirdEyeHD

Viseu - ThirdEyeUNI

São João da Madeira - ThirdEyeHD


flag romania  Romania

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Terra Dent srl
Mihnea Dorin tel.: +40 749.273.544
Str. Amilcar C. Sandulescu nr 4A
Sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania
Cod postal: 060859

 Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Giuliano Gradinaru tel.: +40 757 145 145
Miroslava, nr. 6,
Iasi, 700732 - Romania

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Implantoshop Distribution S.R.L.
Manual Dumitriu tel. +4 0785 264 008
73 Mihai Viteazul street
Constanta 900191

2x Bucuresti - ThirdEyeHD

Brasov - ThirdEyeHD

Bacau - ThirdEyeEVO


flag scotland  Scotland

Edinburgh Dental Institute
4th Floor, Lauriston Building
Lauriston Place
Edinburgh EH3 9HA
United Kingdom  ThirdEyeHD


flag serbia  Serbia

Belgrade - ThirdEyeVIDEO


flag slovakia  Slovakia


Doctorseyes SK, s.r.o.
Mr. Jiri Bel
Mrs. Jana Meliskova tel. +42 1948 555 088
Bajzova 2
82108 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Dealer for ThirdEyeSDI since 2022

Academy EkoDent s.r.o.
Mr. Alexander Koval, Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kapusianska 2
080 06 Presov - Lubotice

flag sweden   Sweden


Loudnbright systemintegration
AB Brodalsvägan 7, Hus Z 
43338 Partille


flag switzerland  Switzerland

Zürich - ThirdEyeHD

Geneve - ThirdEyeHD

Bulle - ThirdEyeUNI

Montagnola - ThirdEyeHD

Bichwil - ThirdEyeEVO

Zug - ThirdEyeHD


flag spain  Spain

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD and ThirdEyeSDI (since 2019)

Agustin Hermanos y Cía
Ingeniería I+D Dental
Sr. Jose Agustín movil.: +34-658825063
Avenida Peset Aleixandre, 94 bajo
46025 Valancia - ESPAŇA

Oviedo -ThirdEyeHD

Oviedo -ThirdEyeUNI

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias -ThirdEyeHD

Madrid - ThirdEyeHD

Sevilla - ThirdEyeSDI since 2021


flag turkey Turkey


Atılım Diş Deposu San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.
Ali Yüceakın tel.: +90 322 4592957
Cemalpaşa Mah. Abdullah Özkan
Apt. K 1 D 1 PK:01120 Seyhan,Adana/TURKEY

Dr. Alper Gultekin Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry - ThirdEyeHD

Prof. Dr. Kemal Unsal University of Ankara faculty of Dentistry, Besevler Ankara




flag egypt  Egypt


Mr. Ali Abou Zaid Ali phone 02-33383055
108 El-Tahrir St.
Dokki – Cairo - EGYPT


Abu Samra for Manufacturing & Assembling Medical Equipment
Mr. Bakre Youssef phone +(2010) 1370766
Obour City, Industrial Area St. #73
Cairo - Egypt


flag libya  Libya


Alfarouq Group company for medical services
Dr.Ahmed Rajab
Alsour steet infront of the central post office of Tripoli
Tel +218-21-3605791
PO BOX: 81319


Dr. Abdulhakim Zaggut
Misurata - ThirdEyeHD


flag mocambique  Mocambique


Clinica Elim Dr. Zaid Tayob, Maputo - ThirdEyephoto


flag morocco  Morocco


Maroc Dentaire Benjelloun
Mr. Benjelloun Mohcine tel. 0535621350
57. Angle Av. Des Almohades et Rue des Emirates Unies App7 1er étage

Prof. DDS, PhD Jaafar Mouhyi, Casablanca - ThirdEyeHD and ThirdEyeUNI


flag namibia Namibia


Dealer - ThirdEyeHD

Dr. Johann Archer
tegrated Dental holdings
9000 Namibia


flag sudan  Sudan

Karthoum - ThirdEyeHD


flag south africa   South Africa


Cape Town - ThirdEyeHD

Cape Town - ThirdEyeHD

Durban - ThirdEyeHD


flag tunisia  Tunisia



AXIS Services
Dr. Kais Larbi phone + (216) 72 272 100
121 Avenue Hedi Chaker,
2ème étage, suite B7 Immeuble «Silver Tower»
8000 Nabeul – Tunisia





flag china   China

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

TCTK Scientific Inc.
202A, 1st Building, 2nd Section of Zhongbei Science and Technology Industrial Section,
Xiqing District,
Tianjin, China

 Dealer for ThirdEyeSDI since 2019

Mrs.: Liu Changjie
Unit A, No.11, Huake 1st Road,
Tianjin, China 300384

Dealer for ThirdEyeSDI since 2021

BeiJing T-Rich Co. Ltd.
Kevin Yang Tel: +86 13910114212
805, Building 2, West District,
International, Shangdi Information Road
Haidian District, Beijing

Xiamen City - ThirdEyeHD

Bejing - ThirdEyeEVO


flag hongkong   Hongkong

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD and ThirdEyeSDI

Net AV Ltd.
Mr. Banny Kwok phone +852  94119654
Suite 62, 9/F, Lee King Indust. Building,
12 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon,

Kowloon - ThirdEyeEVO

 flag india  India

Kakinada, ANDHRA PRADESH - ThirdEyeUNI

Pune - ThirdEyeHD


flag indonesia  Indonesia


PT. Bintang Saudara Semesta
Jaya Jl. Asia no 212 A-B
Medan 20214

 flag iraqIraq

Iraq-Erbil - ThirdEyeHD


flag israelIsrael

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

easydent marketing ltd
Mr. Elisha Kafri  phone +972-773414044
shoham 18
p.o.b 3153
beit yehoshua 4059100 israel

Dealer - ThirdEyeHD

Connect I and M LTD.
Mr. Ido KOren   phone: +972505703777
11 Efraim Katzir St.
Hod Hasharon - Israel

Hod Hashron - ThirdEyeUNI

Bar Lev- ThirdEyeHD

Givatayim - ThirdEyeHD

Ashdod - ThirdEyeHD

 Haifa - ThirdEyeUNI

Tel Aviv - ThirdEyeHD

Kfar Saba - ThirdEyeHD




ABraCadabra - ThirdEyeSDI
Mr. Dani Younisian CEO mobile: +972 526008222
12 HaCharoshet st.
Or Yehuda 6037580



flag japan Japan


OKABE Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shinichi MOBILE +81-90-1615-7948
ZIP Code 811-1362
2-2-23 Nagazumi, Minami-ku


LICT Japan Corporation
Attn Yonaha Atsushi tel +81-098-989-1848
710-14 kamiseido, Chatan Cho
Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture
Japan 904-0101

Shibuyaku, Tokyo - ThirdEyeSDI since 2020

Kawasaki Shi, Kanagawa Ken - ThirdEyeSDI since 2020

flag jordanJordan

Zarka - ThirdEyevideo



flag korea  Korea


Med Park Corporation
Chong Shik Park
Ganakgu, Seoul


flag kuwait  Kuwait


Safat -  THirdEyeUNI


flag lebanon  Lebanon

Jbeil - ThirdEyeHD

Byblos - ThirdEyeHD


flag philipines   Philippines


Ortigas Center
Metro Manila


flag russia  Russia

 Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Maximum for Implantology
Mr. Maxim Plushev
+ Mr. Sash Ostrovsky phone +49-8022-272652
Office1, 62/1 Usacheva Street
Moscow, 119048

127051 Moscow  - ThirdEyeHD since 2019

Krasnodar City - ThirdEyeHD

344058 Rostow om Don - ThirdEyeHD since 2019

105062 Moscow ThirdEyeHD since 2019

119192 Moscow ThirdEyeSDI since 2019

Moscow - ThirdEyeSDI since 2021


flag saudi arabia   Saudi Arabia

Madenah - ThirdEyephoto

Jeddah - ThirdEyevideo+ ThirdEyeHDmini 

Jeddah - ThirdEyevideo



flag taiwan   Taiwan


Dentway Co.,Ltd
Kevin on +886-2-2930-0028 ext 314
No.84-1,Sec.1,Xing Long Rd.,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ying Pu Lian Dental Material Co. Ltd.
Tony telephone 886-4-23716629
8F.,No.77, Sanmin W.Rd.,West
Taichung City 403

 Taipei - ThirdEyeUNI

Taipei City - ThirdEyeHD


flag thailand Thailand

no recent sales

flag Vietnam  Vietnam

Dealer for ThirdEyeSDI since 2019

Mrs. Trang/Ms Kieu Oanh Tel: +84 28 38494046
No.37, Bau Cat 3 Street, Ward 14,
Tan Binh District, Ho Chi My City,
Viet Nam

Dealer for ThirdEyeSDI since 2020

Viet Nha Medical Equipment Co., LTD
389A Cach Mang Thang Tam street,
Ward 13, District 10
Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam
Mrs. Tran Thi Ngoc Thuy tel. +84 (8) 38 624998


flag ukraine Ukraine


Dent Land Team
Mr. Igor Yascshenko
Capital office: Dent Land Kiev, 01015, Kiev, Moskovskaya ave, 43, of.5
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+38(044) 33-11-675
General office: 69095, Zaporozhye, Lenin ave. 95
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+38(061) 289-33-88
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Premier Dental   ThirdEyeSDI since 2019
Mr. Serhiy Humenchuck phone +38-0322590444

Varshavska St. 69b
79020 L´viv


flag dubai uae UAE - Dubai


Elwan Technical Supplies
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.


Linda D'Cruz tel: +971 55 1071337
P.O. Box 14730, Warehouse # S2, Plot #
597-750, Dubai Investment Park 2 (DIP 2),

Abu Dhabi - ThirdEyeEVO

Jumeirha- ThirdEyeUNI

Jumeirha - ThirdEyeHD


flag vietnam  Viet Nam

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Viet Nha Medical Equipment Co., LTD 
Mr. Tru Cong Phat phone. +84 (8) 38 624998
389A Cach Mang Thang Tam street,
Ward 13, District 10
Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City - ThirdEyeUNI





flag argentina Argentina

Dealer for ThirdEyeHD

Claudia A. Chiarelli  tel: +54 11 4825 3795
Marcelo T. de Alvear 2181 3º Piso
Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argenti


flag brazil   Brasil


Mr. Jorge Tavares  c
ell phone: +55 21764 43503
Rua São Clemente 262-BL.02/ 204
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP - 22260-000

Curitiba Paraná ThirdEyeHD


flag canada Canada

 Longueuil, Québec - ThirdEyeHD

Rosemère, Québec - ThirdEyeHD

Brossard, Quebec  - ThirdEyeHD

Montreal, Quebec  - ThirdEyeHD

 Montreal, Quebec - ThirdEyeSDI since 2022 

Laval,  Quebec - ThirdEyeHD

Oakville, Ontario - ThirdEyeUNI

North Vancouver - ThirdEyeHD

Kamloops, British Columbia - ThirdEyeUNI

Kamloops, British Columbia - ThirdEyeHD and ThirdEyeSDI since 2022

Burnaby, British Columbia - ThirdEyeHD  



flag chile   Chile


Santiago de Chile - ThirdEyeUNI


flag Mexico  Mexico

Dealer ThirdEyeSDI since 2019

Dental Trade Sade CV
Mr. Juan Carlos Borgatto Largo tel. +52 (55) 5133.6363
Calle Puebla Sur Mz. 4 Lt.5
Jardin Industial
56535 Ixtapaluca (Mexico City)

flag usa  USA


MZK Dental
Dr. Nizar Mansour phone +1 248-423-464
28437 Greenfield Rd # 101
Southfield, MI 48076, USA 

Misch International Implant Institute - ThirdEyeHD

Beverly Hills, Michigan

Oceanside, California - ThirdEyeHD

Tarzana, California - ThirdEyeHD

Elmhurst New York - ThirdEyeHD

2x Brooklyn, New York - ThirdEyeHD

The University of Iowa - ThirdEyeHD

College of  Dentistry - Department of Periodontics
Dental Science Building - Room S462
801 Newton Rd.
Iowa City, IA 52242-1001

Atlanta, Georgia - ThirdEyeHD

McLean, Virginia - ThirdEyeHD

Waltham, Maryland - ThirdEyeHD

Beachwood, Ohio - ThirdEyeHD

Vineland, New Jersey - ThirdEyeUNI

Hawthorne, New Jersey - ThirdEyeHD

Campbell, California - ThirdEyeUNI

Cameron Park, California - ThirdEyeUNI

Fort Washington, Pennsilvania - ThirdEyeHD

San Ricardo Mission, Texas - ThirdEyeHD

Irvine, California - ThirdEyeHD

Alachua, Florida - ThirdEyeEVO

Spear Education - ThirdEyeHD

7201 E Princess Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Lead, South Dakota - ThirdEyeSDI since 2020

New Baltimore , Michigan - ThirdEyeEVO

Jupiter, Florida - ThirdEyeHD

Elmhurst, New York - ThirdEyeHD

Walnut Creek, California - ThirdEyeSDI since 2020

Hood River, Oregon - ThirdEyeSDI since 2020

Colts Neck, New Jersey - ThirdEyeSDI since 2022



Australia and Oceania


flag australia  Australia


Subiaco, WA - ThirdEyeHD


Sydenham, Victoria - ThirdEyeHD

Armadale, Melbourne, Victoria - ThirdEyeHD

Sydney, NSW - ThirdEyeHD

Canberra - ThirdEyeUNI

West Perth - ThirdEyeUNI

Forbes, NSW - ThirdEyeHD

Mona Vale, NSW- ThirdEyeUNI

Nowra, NSW - ThirdEyeHD

  flag new zealandNew Zealand

Auckland- ThirdEyeHD

Auckland- ThirdEyeHD

Auckland Dental Facility  - ThirdEyeSDI since 2021

University of Otago – Auckland

Te Kaupeka Pūniho Graham and Robyn Hart Bldg..

5D Browns Road, Manurewa

Auckland 2102 - NEW ZEALAND