Possible configurations with ThirdEyeSDI dental cameras.




with full-HD SDI-monitor  (SDI-in) for patient education
SDI monitors still are quite expensive


 thirdeye-sdi-dental-camera using sdi-recorder with hdmi-out


with full-HD HDMI monitor and SDI recorder
SDI recorder converts incoming SDI signal and audio (embedding) into outgoing HDMI signal


with full-HD tv HDMI monitor, digital SDI video recorder (SDI-in) and HDMI distributor/amplifier (2-4 fold)
full-HD video projectorfor live transmissions in seminar room and synchronous recording to dvr


with full-HD HDMI monitor, SDI PCIe card and fast (min. DualCore) computer/laptop for documentation

with sophisticated video editing on your computer (with editing software)


with full-HD HDMI monitor, fast computer with USB2.0 (or external streaming device with USB2.0)
streaming platform (Skype ,YouTube Live, Xsplit, Ustream) for live internet streaming (webcasts)


please see: for recordings with audio, you´ll always need an external analogue microphone or headset (cable bound or wireless)


Saving time at your video/photo documentation, because your time is your money !

Please, tell us your wishes and requirements !

We would love to give you advice.



One word regarding the 4K hype.

In our opinion 4K cameras/monitors do not make sense in a dental office. That´s because of the physiology of our human eyes.
The reason: To see the difference between full-HD and 4k images/videos on a 25" monitor (22 inches being the diameter of the average dental monitor !) the dentist has to watch the screen from a distance of 1,5 ft or 46cm to see any difference between full-HD and 4k. For 22" monitors it is even closer. For more informations about that issue, please read the following article:


On the other hand 4K is not 4K. If a sports camera (action cam) delivers 4k videos at a high compression, you´ll see artifacts like pixelatin on your monitor later, which will degrade the overall image quality. Much more important than pixel numbers in dentistry is a good white balance (manual or automatic) for perfect reproduction of colors on your monitor !