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ThirdEye - configurations of ThirdEye-HD dental camera

You can use our ThirdEye dental cameras both in your own dental office, in the dental office of one of your colleagues, at educational training courses or at dental congresses in your own country or abroad. All you need is one of our ThirdEye dental camera sets (camera, mini camera stand, cable and connection box), some Impregum® for temporary mounting of the miniature camera stand and some cable ties to fix the camera cable along the dental light linkage. A full-HD video monitor and/or a full-hd video projector should be available anywhere in the world. If you want to record the live transmission on site, you can use a small and lightweight dvr (=digital video recorder) or record it on your laptop´s hard disc (with capture card)

The whole system easily fits in your hand baggage and doesn´t weigh more than 2 kilograms !


Possible configurations with ThirdEyeHD

diagram thirdeye hd with monitor

with full-HD tv monitor* (component-in) for patient education
(*monitor with freeze frame )

 diagram thirdeye hd with hdmi converter

with full-HD tv monitor* and component-to-HDMI-converter for patient education
(*monitor with freeze frame )


diagram thirdeye hd with digital video recorder

with full-HD tv monitor and digital video recorder (YUV-in) and external microphone
for easy video/audio documentation


 diagram thirdeye hd with video projector

with full-HD tv monitor, digital video recorder (YUV-in), HDMI distributor/amplifier (2-4 fold) and
full-HD video projectorfor live transmissions in seminar room and synchronous recording to dvr


diagram thirdeye hd with computer and capture card

with full-HD tv monitor, PCIe card and fast (at least DualCore) computer/laptop for documentation

with sophisticated video editing on your computer (with editing software)


diagram thirdeye hd with computer for internet streaming

with full-HD tv monitor, component-to-HDMI-converter, hdmi-to-USB3.0 converter, computer and
streaming platform (Skype ,YouTube Live, Xsplit, Ustream) for live internet streaming (webcasts)


please see: for recordings with audio, you´ll always need an external analogue microphone or headset (cable bound or wireless)


Saving time at your video/photo documentation, because your time is your money !

Please, tell us your wishes and requirements ! We´d love to give you advice.



One word regarding the 4K hype.

In our opinion 4K cameras/monitors do not make sense in a dental office. That´s because of the physiology of our human eyes.
The reason: To see the difference between full-HD and 4k images/videos on a 25" monitor (22 inches being the diameter of the average dental monitor !) the dentist has to watch the screen from a distance of 1,5 ft or 46cm to see any difference between full-HD and 4k. For 22" monitors it is even closer. For more informations about that issue, please read the following article:

On the other hand 4K is not 4K. If a sports camera (action cam) delivers 4k videos at a high compression, you´ll see artifacts like pixelatin on your monitor later, which will degrade the overall image quality. Much more important than pixel numbers in dentistry is a good white balance (manual or automatic) for perfect reproduction of colors on your monitor !